Owned by Olivia Brown, who played Trudy on Miami Vice , the car bears her autograph on the glovebox.

This Daytona was the uncredited star of Miami Vice
& was built and intended to be on the 1980's hit blockbuster television show.

Due to a lawsuit by Enzo Ferrari, Miami Vice had to stop using the Daytona on the show, so this actual car never made it to the big screen. As a consequence, the car is very well preserved and with its sterling pedigree it continues to carry the Miami Vice torch wherever it goes. Olivia's Daytona is more recognizable than
Don Johnson’s five o’clock shadow.

The Miami Vice Daytona immediately gained international fame, becoming an overnight star on Miami Vice.

Olivia's Daytona is the official promotional car for
the Original Miami Vice filming boat

On tour at the Miami International Boat Show

Olivia having fun in the sun

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"Won Johnstone" Hashtagging with his pal

The Tonight Show - Featuring Olivia's Miami Vice Daytona

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Sponsored by Maxxis / on the set for Jimmy Fallon at Universal Studios

Carl Roberts, the builder of the Original Miami Vice car, standing next to Olivia's Daytona in 2008

This original Carl Roberts Daytona is nearly identical to
the Miami Vice Daytona filming car down to the original Pirelli tires. The condition is outstanding inside and out!

New real Italian soft leather interior

Featured on Coldwell Banker international TV commercial

Olivia's Daytona, recognized worldwide, displayed at an international festival

Enjoy footage from the Miami Vice show

Miami Vice Ferrari

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The Miami Vice Daytona is stored in a car safe at RoboVault, the most highly secure facility of its kind in the world.

The famous Miami Vice Dade County license tag mounted on Olivia's car

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